We live in an increasingly technology-driven society. There seems to be no end to the new gadgets available to help simplify and automate just about every area of our lives. Smart home technology, that automates a variety of household systems, is an attraction for technology-savvy home buyers.

Having a “Smart Home” entails having a network of systems connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. for controlling, automating and optimizing functions such as temperature, lighting, security or entertainment either remotely by smartphone or tablet and/or by a separate system within the house itself.

The convenience of being able to control your household systems from your phone is an obvious appeal.  If you want to turn your porch light on when out of town, have your favorite TV show recorded, and your house cooled to 70 degrees before you arrive, that is easily accomplished by a simple tap of an app on your device.

Smart home technology is also significant in improving home security. There are now doorbells that send a video to your phone of whoever rings your doorbell, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, and automated door locks that all contribute to increasing home security.

Another advantage to investing in certain smart home gadgets is the potential savings in energy bills. Technology such as smart thermostats and light occupancy sensors can help lessen energy usage and decrease monthly energy bills.

A recent study of more than 100,000 respondents completed by Houzzz.com showed:

  • 28 percent of homeowners consider integration of smart technology as very important to their renovation
  • 35 percent of first-time buyers, 31 percent of repeat buyers and 27 percent of long-time homeowners (those who have lived in their home for 6+years) said they are likely to integrate smart technology during renovation projects
  • One-third of recent homebuyers are now investing in home automation installations

Clearly, smart home technology is a growing industry and will continue to evolve in time.  I believe investing in some smart home technology is a good investment, but I also encourage home owners to be sure not to go overboard.  Make sure not to over-indulge in expensive items.  Buyers definitely like cool gadgets, but they aren’t likely to pay an unreasonable premium to get the smartest house in the neighborhood.

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